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About APIX

What is APIX?

APIX (Application Programming Interface Exchange) is a centralized API repository that offers a single view of various APIs to developers and connects different functions from participating API providers.

Are there any requirements to become a developer?

Subject to the Terms of Use, anyone is eligible to become a developer by signing up with APIX.

What is the difference between a sandbox environment and a live environment?

A sandbox is a testing environment that uses dummy data for TSPs to test whether the APIs are suitable for their needs before moving their applications to production, whereas live environments are production environments using real-life data.

Who can access the sandbox?

Subject to the Terms of Use, anyone can access the sandbox by signing up with APIX.

Is there any usage limits in the sandbox for subscribed APIs?

Different APIs will have different usage and time limits. Please refer to the specifications of particular APIs.

How much does it cost to use the APIX sandbox?

The APIX sandbox is currently free to use.

How many APIs can I subscribe to in total?

There is currently no limit on the number of APIs that an application can subscribe to.

How can I conduct testing with my desired APIs?

You will need to sign up for access to the sandbox environment by completing the registration form. After submitting the form, you will receive an email with an activation link. Clicking the link will complete the registration process and your account will be activated. You can start searching, subscribing to and testing the desired APIs after logging into APIX.

How do I connect my app to APIX and call the APIs?

You will need to register your app before subscribing to your APIs and obtain a set of API Key and API Secret. Once you have subscribed the APIs, proceed to Apps and view the documentation of the APIs you have subscribed. The information on calling APIs will be available. For details, please refer to our guides from Getting Started.

Is there any downtime for this service?

With the exception of scheduled maintenance, the service is available for 24/7.

How will I be notified on the downtime of service?

Notifications on downtime and maintenance will be displayed on the Homepage at least 3 days in advance after signing in to APIX.

How do I restore the API Key and/or API Secret for my application?

If your API Key or Secret is lost in any circumstances, the API Key can be found in the ‘Subscription’ subpage of the app. However, the API Secret cannot be restored. You are required to retrieve a new set of API Secret by clicking the ‘Verify’ button under your API Key.

Are there any minimum system requirements to use the services of APIX sufficiently?

The services of APIX are supported by general internet browsers. It is recommended for Mozilla Firefox version 52.0 or above, Google Chrome version 65 or above, Safari version 11 or above.

Who shall I contact for problem regarding APIX and the use of Sandbox?

You can contact us via or call our Customer Services Hotline (852) 2718 2111.

Who shall I contact for API product enquiries on APIX?

The contact details of each API providers can be found from the our API Providers list respectively

What is the certification requirement for registering my app in live portal?

Prepare the certificate for client authentication during establishing connection between TSP and APIX. TSP is required to apply certificate from the following CA:


Hong Kong Post e-Cert
Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited


Certification Requirement

  • Format: X.509
  • Key Type: RSA
  • Key Length: 2048bit
  • Signature Algorithm: SHA-256
  • Validity: Maximum 3 years

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