In today’s fast-paced business world, capitalizing on emerging opportunities means innovating quickly and efficiently.

With modern APIs, you can project your capabilities to an audience outside of your own team.



We set the stage for developers and providers to connect, collaborate and create groundbreaking solutions.

About APIX

APIX aims to provide easy and seamless connectivity for businesses across industries via APIs on a highly secure platform for businesses to collaborate, create new services and reach new customers.

APIX serves as a one-stop shop for developers to discover and test APIs on a secure platform. With APIX, developers can build robust APIs faster and easier than with other types of web services.


APIX is the only API exchange platform where you can find over 250 APIs from 13 banks in Hong Kong.

How It Works

APIX is an open API exchange for businesses to host their APIs as well as manage and give access to developers in a secure environment, allowing both parties to innovate together across industries.

With just a single registration, developers can gain access to hundreds of APIs. Each API is fully documented and can be subscribed for immediate testing in the sandbox.


APIX architecture leverages IBM API Connect, which secures and controls access to the APIs while providing a self-serviced developer portal.



Standardized Approach

APIX streamlines the subscription process by standardizing specifications across all API providers so that developers can work with multiple APIs rapidly and efficiently.

API Management

A comprehensive management solution that addresses all aspects of the API life cycle: creation, running, testing, management, analysis and security.


APIX includes security, traffic management and mediation policies to securely expose APIs. JETCO works closely with all JETCO member banks to adhere to the highest security standards.


APIs can be easily selected and tested within the developer app in a single step without waiting for approval from API providers.

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